Contract Multibrand

The advantage of a single expert interlocutor

Elinca provides a research and an outsourcing service, dynamic, flexible and competitive, to carry out the best projects.

The world of Contract requires a "tailor-made" research, focused to meet the targets set by the client, always taking into consideration the opinion of the designers.

These targets certainly concern the quality and comfort, but they must also pursue a vision dealing with aspects related to costs, energy consumption and maintenance.

Disposition to dialogue and confrontation, flexibility, specific knowledge and preferential relations with the best manufacturers, are the features describing the Elinca Multibrand Contract division.

These features ensure the reliability of a highly experienced company, and make Elinca a real creative partner, able to work together with leading design firms, and to find and suggest very original solutions.


Supplies for:

• hotels
• restaurants
• shopping malls
• airports and stations
• offices and banks
• private residences
• ships
• theatres
• museums
• hospitals
• sport facilities
• schools and public administrations
and many other....

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