Thermal Fitness Center

Thermal & Fitness Center / Teheran – Iran

In a new spa and fitness center in Tehran many rooms have been decorated creating some scenic effects using Fiber Optics and LED systems.

In the sauna it has been created a starry sky using glass Fiber Optics, combining a visual and scenographic effect. In the showers the lighting has been specifically created using glass Fiber Optics and an adjustable end fitting with lens.

In the fitness area the wall glass panels have been enlightened using custom LED bars. Placed in the upper and lower part of the plate the LED bars enlighten the printing engraved on the glass. Always in the fitness area the false ceiling is illuminated with LED bars.

The reception is another area interested by LED lighting. Inside a design lamp has been inserted a blue LED bar. The combining of these lamps give a soft and relaxing effect, as the context where they are placed. This project is an example of how we can combine the LED and Fiber Optics technology to create objects, situations and special atmospheres studying custom products suitable for the places where they should be installed.

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